Data Center Solutions

Forest Interactive provides superior performing, end to end cabling solutions to meet your present day and future data center solutions needs.

Without a properly designed cabling infrastructure, the data center is in jeopardy. In fact, independent research indicates that while the cabling infrastructure only represents 2% to 5% of a typical IT budget, as much as 50% of network problems are related to an inadequate or underperforming cabling infrastructure.

data center solutions

Your Data Center Partner
Forest Interactive knows your data center is much more than a space that simply houses servers and network equipment. Fueled by e-commerce and the IP world we live in today, the data center has become the most critical asset and investment for nearly every organization. It is truly the operations center of your business: housing all the missioncritical applications, equipment and systems you need to enable every transaction, communication and task, providing the links to customers, business partners and vendors around the world and even controlling building environmental, security and life safety systems.

The Challenges of Data Center Design
Faced with the now fundamental importance of the data center and the need to provide for ever-increasing applications, transmission speeds and data storage, businesses are experiencing a significant upsurge in the amount of equipment their data centers must support. Consequently, IT managers must design scalable data centers to support their future growth and potentially new technologies, while ensuring maximum performance, density and manageability. At the same time, the amount of power needed to run the data center is at an all time high, requiring sufficient cooling and energy efficient solutions.
And as if those challenges weren’t enough, the new economics of IT has put budgets under
increased scrutiny, requiring IT managers to ensure ROI and lowest total cost of ownership when selecting data center components Belden provides superiorperforming, end to end cabling solutions to meet your present day – and future – data center needs.

The Role of the Structured Cabling System
Within the data center, a variety of systems support, protect and manage both current and future equipment, the data transmitted, and the thousands of connections between servers and switches and the outlying areas of the network. These systems include storage, power distribution, cooling, cabling infrastructure, security and fire protection – and any design decision for one is likely to impact the others. All of these systems are interrelated and must be part of a unified structured cabling system. As the foundation of the data center, the structured cabling system should be designed considering the following:

  • It should have the scalability necessary to outlast two to three generations of active equipment
  • It should be flexible to facilitate reconfigurations
  • It should be highly durable to ensure networking performance, reliability and availability

How FOREST Meets Your Cabling System Needs
As your data center solutions partner, Forest Interactive offers an in depth knowledge of structured cabling, data center systems and the interaction between them. Forest Interactive understands your needs and the design challenges you are up against and we have leveraged our decades long expertise into the design of highly-flexible, end to end structured cabling systems that are unique in their ability to provide optimal system performance, while simultaneously solving your density and manageability issues both now and in the future.