Solutions for corporate entities

Our goals include enabling our corporate clients to maximize their contact with their own clients.
The interactive platforms which we have created include Globe Messaging, Go!Rewards and Mobile Apps.

  • Globe Messaging is a web-based tool, accessed from any web browser, which utilizes sms messaging technology to send messages to your subscribers.
  • Our Go!Rewards platform enables retailers to collect and store their client’s phone numbers and use these to inform their clients of special discounts, promotions, loyalty programs etc.
  • Our Mobile Apps are becoming increasingly in demand as Asia sees a sharp rise in smart phone use, now over 40% of the market.

Select on any of the three platforms below, and find out more on how this could help your business:

Globe SMS

Gobe SMS Messaging

SMS Manager, Internet, Application, Bulk SMS

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Applications, Platforms, Interactive, User-Friendly