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FOREST develops customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms. Some of our mobile applications are successfully used in GPS, Social Networking, Group Deal Sites, Deals Aggregator, Maps, Game Applications, Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart.

Our team has a sound experience and expertise in developing highly interactive mobile applications using the latest operating systems which are extremely user-friendly and functional. We create value-added mobile apps on various platforms catered to your specific needs.

We provide services to develop various types of apps that include business apps for asset tracking, air ticket booking, GPRS road map, vendor apps, 3D games apps, social application apps etc. Our dedicated team is here to meet your needs with a fast turnaround time and in a cost effective manner.

Create a unique app, for any company or a sector, entirely in the style of your own brand. Create a digital brochure, perhaps, and customize it with its own features. You can do it with AppMachine – as simple or as advanced as you prefer.

Create apps for all sectors and events:

  • SME Apps
  • Apps for Restaurants and Bars
  • Apps for Wellness or Fitness Centres
  • Apps for Sports Associations with programmes and results
  • Media Apps with Breaking News
  • Corporate Services
  • One-Time Event Apps
  • Apps including a Client Loyalty Card –  no more separate passes or cards!

Apps are added every week, however, not all of the apps are shown here. AppMachine offers creators of an app a ‘White Label’ option – a function where no one can see that the app was created using AppMachine. (Please note that these apps are not shown here).

Notify visitors to your event as fully as possible with opening hours, program, maps and plans. Visitors download the app from the app stores, from your own website or using a QR code.

Create events apps for:

  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Symposiums
  • Celebrations
  • Receptions

Unique networking function

Allow visitors to get in touch with each other easily with the unique networking feature of the Attendees block. Visitors can log into the app using their LinkedIn account. Then they can see who the other visitors are, can select them by profile and can get in touch with each other directly from the app using chat. All this for a favorable price with user-friendly software and a look and feel of your choosing.

With a business app, your business or institution has a digital brochure that is always present and visible on your client’s smartphone; a device the client consults several times a day and which is becoming increasingly more important in communications.

Features for business apps:

  • Contact details including:
    – direct call feature
    – automatic route planner;
  • Call customer service or request quotes;
  • Instructional videos;
  • User instructions;
  • Introduce employees.

Easy to create

You can create a business app easily. The wizard scans your website and delivers an overview of the available image material and information. You don’t have to worry yourself looking for logos and images. Virtually everything on the website is usable. You can design your app yourself, or have it done for you; by your own designer, or have your app designed by us.

As an artist, you enhance your exposure with a music app. Simply turn the the dials and you are already mixing your own app. Integrate your online platforms and social networks easily:

  • Spotify
  • Beatport
  • Soundcloud
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Sell through iTunes

With a music app you can reach more people and improve your contact with fans. Your app is on your fans’ smartphones, which they have with them virtually 24/7. This way they can always listen to your music, and can even buy directly from your app. An app like this is sure to turn a few heads… and ears!

Ticket sales

You can also sell tickets for concerts from your app. Has here been a change to the tour schedule? One click, and everyone knows. Produce your own playlists and the podcasts you want people to hear. Follow the lead set by Armin van Buuren, Markus Schultz, Pete Tha Zouk and Ferry Corsten.

Create a sports app for your association, team, or club, and all members will be up to speed with the latest news.

Features in a sports app:

  • Programs and results
  • Route planners
  • Team members
  • Twitter feeds
  • Facebook pages
  • Photos´s and videos

Have you got sports news? Is there a change to the teams, or has a match been postponed? Users of your app are up to date immediately. If there’s a postponement, send a push message. The user sees the message immediately on the screen, even if the app is not open. This way you can be sure that the information reaches your users quickly.

Create your sports app easily with our software. View the result live on your smartphone. You can make the design of your sports app as sporty as you like. Of course you can choose your club’s colors.

As a wellness center, would you like to see your guests coming back more often? Raise the revenue per visitor? Use an app and ensure more frequent and more intense contact with guests. With an app for your wellness center you reach your guests on their smartphones. And they use these dozens of times a day. So you have their direct attention.

Functionality in your wellness app:

  • Produce special offers;
  • Increase visits on quiet days;
  • Notify opening hours;
  • Integrate social media like Facebook and Twitter;
  • Give guests a unique customer card.

Customer card

Notify your guests and entice them to make more frequent visits. You can do that with your own app. You can also integrate your own customer card. As an owner you are always aware, for example, of the accumulated balance per customer. Separate pass cards are no longer needed.

Reach your audience on their smartphones with your own app while they’re on the go or in their break.
Push your latest news directly to your app users with a push notifications.

Media apps: publishers and blog owners

  • Always up to date
  • Faster than a site
  • Design by a Pro
  • Breaking news push
  • User-friendly CMS.

Reach your readers, anywhere and any time. Every publisher or blog owner can create an app for themselves with AppMachine. Bring news and special offers to your viewers’ attention immediately. Use push messages for ‘breaking news’. Users of your app see them immediately, even if the app is not open.
The app can function as a standalone news provider or can actually attract a higher volume of visitors to a website.

Good contact with your guests is crucial. With a restaurant app you ensure that contact is more intensive and more frequent, and there’s better customer retention.

What do you include in a restaurant app?

  • Monthly menu changes
  • Themed evenings
  • Cooking workshops
  • Ambience impressions using photos and videos
  • Tastings
  • Customer card on the smartphone

Customer card on the smartphone

With the customer card in restaurant apps, guests save for great gifts or discounts. Separate loyalty or savings cards are no longer needed. With this customer card the restaurateur gains a clear insight into visits and spending per customer.

Updating your app is free, so you can show menu changes whenever you want. With focused campaigns you will see your clients more often, and you can increase revenue per client. Of course clients can book directly from the app, or they can call or plan the route to your restaurant.

How many guests in your bar or disco check their smartphones? Plenty! Viewers consult their smartphones dozens of times a day. So give them an app for your club, bar or disco and involve them in your business.

Features for club apps:

  • Opening times
  • Artists and performances
  • Theme evenings
  • Photos and videos
  • Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus
  • Send push messages for special offers
  • Customer card on the smartphone
  • Send push messages for special evenings

Your guests have an app on their smartphones, which produces better client retention.

Customer card on the smartphone

Include a customer card in your app. Guests can save for great gifts or discounts. Separate loyalty or savings cards are no longer needed. With this customer card the hospitality provider gains a clear insight into visits and spending per customer.

Include your menu, cocktail list or special beers in your app. With focused campaigns you will see your guests more often, and you can increase revenue per visitor. Create your own app; it’s easier than you think!

The smartphone is also a fact of life now in non-profit organizations. Inform and stay in touch with colleagues, employees, clients or students. Display the route to various branches. Combine all the social media in one place in the app. Import data from your own databases.

Advantages of an app:

  • Information is always up to date;
  • Lesson postponement? Send a push message;
  • Introduce employees;
  • Call and e-mail directly from the app;
  • Apps also work without an internet connection;
  • Import data (Excel, XML JSON)

No sector is experiencing development and growth quite like health care. The demand for information and communication is growing enormously. Apps help the health care sector by presenting all the information conveniently, and by streamlining communications. Apps reduce the pressure of work at the counter and in the admin offices.

Why the Health care sector cannot manage without mobile apps:

  • Patients/clients make their own appointments from within the app;
  • Send push messages if there are changes;
  • Extended patient information with photos and videos;
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions;
  • Route descriptions and opening hours;
  • Apps for medical conferences.

Communication and providing information takes far less time with an app. Apps are extremely user-friendly; everyone can use them. They are also easy to maintain, easy to create and they also work offline.

A conference app is a good start for any seminar, exhibition or conference. Keep attendees informed and keep your data up to date. Do you have a program or speaker info in Excel? All changes will show in the conference app automatically.

Send all visitors a scheduled push message 10 minutes before the meeting starts. Use our unique networking functionality. When attendees log in with their LinkedIn accounts, they´ll see who else is attending, including his or her specialty. They´ll even be able to make contact within this conference app.

Conference apps:

  • Speakers with biographies
  • Maps and interactive sat nav
  • Data linking with Excel and more
  • Unique networking functionality
  • Schedule push messages

Mobile tourism apps are the perfect service for any visitor. Your quests will have all tourist information right on their smartphone while visiting your city, region or museum.
Tourism apps can be designed beautifully, just like you want, anyway you want. Where will visitors find your ATM’s and parking lots? Where are the theaters?
Traffic jam downtown? Send all users a push message.
A mobile tourism app will guide your visitors and enlighten their stay. Most likely you´ll see them again some day.

Tourism apps:

  • Interactive navigation
  • Sales and service hours
  • Parking lots and ATM´s
  • Direct communication
  • News and information