Messaging Gateways uses three sophisticated platforms – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Platform, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Gateway, and Location Based Gateway to deliver services aimed at generating revenues, improving business efficiency and proactively managing relationships with their customers through personalized interaction.


A unique USSD Gateway Browsing 

Forest Interactive combines Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) with our carrier-grade platforms to create a unique USSD Browsing solution. This fusion powers interactive applications available on nearly all of the handsets. It enables profitable and mass-market mobile interactivity for mobile telephony system operators (GSM/UMTS) around the world.

USSD Gateway Browsing in Action

State-of-The-Art Platforms

Unique features and a flexible framework

Cellgate: the USSD Gateway

Enables advanced USSD, SMS and MAP & CAP features

Cellcube: the USSD Portal

Provides unparalleled environment for successful interactive services

WAP Gateway


FOREST WAP Gateway seamlessly integrates with GSM, GPRS and CDMA network elements and helps in providing mobile data services such as internet browsing and content download for mobile WAP clients. Our WAP Gateway is incompliance with 3GPP, 3GPP2 and OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) specification. Its architecture is modular and can be scaled from 1tps to 6000tps.

Why FOREST WAP Gateway?

Provide mobile internet data service for WAP Subscribers
Route multimedia message to Multimedia Messaging Service Center
Control the WAP Sessions and WAP Transactions
Fault tolerant and scalable carrier grade platform
Control access to specific Web / WAP sites base on Access Point Name / Dialer Number / URLs
Commercially deployed and operational in Tier – 1 Mobile operators

LBS Gateway

As more services are offered to subscribers, the increasing need to segment audiences pulls advertising campaigns to be more accurate and sophisticated. Our Location Based Services has the tools that can make the difference by offering multiple queries about how users are moving on the Network without loading the existing network infrastructure.

2G and 3G compatible

Scalable, Redundant

Linux and Solaris (x86 and sparc) support

1000+ queries x second


Open Database connectivity