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Mobile Games are increasingly becoming a popular demand from mobile subscribers worldwide. This is boosted by the availability of cheaper and in some instances unlimited data in some countries. The preference of the mobile user has shifted from just voice+sms to a much more richer content experience. Big name publishers and developers are slowly porting over their games to support the mobile phone users, in order to monetise on the huge demand from the mobile ecosystem.

At FOREST, we’re committed on delivering and customising interactive mobile game platforms delivering a wide array of games selection which includes support for Mobile Phones (Android, iOs, JAVA) and HTML5. A perfect choice for one to outsource their needs to have an integrated games solution, which covers WAP & WEB Portal, Apps Stores, USSD Menu’s and Games Bundling.

Our games team are experienced at packaging the right games into monthly promotions, which would ultimately lead to a prize offering. This in turn would encourage:

  • Higher take-up.
  • Promotion on free games, redirected to other premium games.
  • Increased stickiness on Games Portal.
  • Returning customers which leads to reduced churn.

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HTML5 Games Portal

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