Partnership with Bandung TV

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5 March 2011. – Malaysia’s mobile service provider Forest Interactive, announced strategic partnership with Bandung TV, one of the local TV station in Bandung, Indonesia to launch and develop a new and highly innovative program, called Interactive SMS TV.

Launched on 1 March 2011, viewers can take part in interactive activities such as chatting and also playing games while watching TV programs in Bandung TV.

“We want to offer customers the convenience playing games at home while watching TV program. Bandung TV is constantly exploring ways to ensure the right costumer experience for our new product. Look ahead, we will always ensure customers satisfaction to our new service and compensate in world market,” said Johary Mustapa as Chief Executive Officers of Forest Interactive. This partnership certainly delivers the means to achieve benefits in offering broadcasters new and innovative ways to use mobile with see almost people in Indonesia using a mobile phone.

Bandung TV provides Interactive SMS TV with a single point access to true local coverage for all its viewers across Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Bandung TV will be rolling out the Interactive SMS TV with ongoing drama, local news, and culture entertainment screened on its Free-To-Air TV Channel.

“TV stations like Bandung TV, new media companies and the first TV local station in Bandung have to continuously search for avenues to increase their revenues. With a partnership with Forest Interactive hopefully will make TV viewing experience more compelling and engaging than ever before.” commented Us Tiarsa as Chief of Editor of Bandung TV.

Forest Interactive and Bandung TV hoped that with this partnership, it will create a new revenue stream extending it from the traditional TV advertising revenues.

About Bandung TV

bandungtvBandung is a historical sundanese town with a fast development culture since the mid 5th Century. This historical sundanese town becomes the most important component for it’s materialized around Sundanese union. A historical union with the same religion, consciousness of Sundanese life glance appraisals includes the freedom of Indonesia Republic. National culture traditions grow in a row with an expansion of Indonesian characterized.

In the middle of technological revolutions which have destroyed our society, Bandung TV present as a
realization of arts and cultural creativity of the sundanese people in finding its characteristic through television media. Television media have been chosen with the assumption that television is a realization of audio visual which have a big effects on the behavior of a community.

As the center place of creativity Sunda Society, Bandung TV is the first local television in Bandung and West Java which has been concentrated on the “in house” program to strive for brighten the society in many aspect of life with the art culture foundation. This concentration has been chosen because arts and culture are the center of life which moves the social dimension and social economics. With the efforts to revitalize the characteristic of West Java and along the regions, the difference of Indonesia Culture will be united as the Indonesian Republic Unity Country.


About Forest Interactive

forest_logoForest Interactive Sdn. Bhd is a mobile content provider established in 2006 with operations in Malaysia and Indonesia. Its primary role is to provide a platform to enable content owners to distribute and charge for its contents targeted to mobile subscribers.

Forest develops their own customized SMS-TV Platform with TV-Formats targeting TV Broadcasters in both countries they operate in. Forest TV overlays allow the TV audience to play games, vote, chat, and purchase merchandise via SMS while viewing television. The interactive element engages the audience (increased ratings) and when coupled with Premium SMS can also serve as a substantial revenue generator.

Their technology enables TV Broadcasters to charge its audience via the Premium-SMS (PSMS) billing platform and push for two-way interactivity.