Messaging Gateways

USSD GatewayUSSD Gateway Browsing
Our USSD Gateway Browsing solution is making this profitable and mass-market mobile interactivity a reality for the GSM/UMTS operators around the world. The combination of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) with our carrier-grade platforms creates a unique USSD Browsing solution powering interactive applications available on nearly all of the handsets. The result goes beyond your typical mobile interactivity; it is not only revenue-generating, network-efficient and user-friendly but also cost-effective, high-speed and mass-market mobile interactive.

Turning Their Data Experience into Your Profit.
With a simple short code, an interactive session is quickly established and an intuitive and user-friendly browser guides users to the information they are looking for. Therefore, whether your customers want to check their email, get the score of the big game or top-up the credit of a friend’s account, our USSD Browsing menu quickly leads users to the information they need and executes commands within a matter of seconds.

USSD Gateway Browsing in action

State-of-the-art platforms
Our platforms meet the requirements of the most demanding GSM operators with unique features and a flexible framework that ensure a successful launch and marketing of your USSD Browsing services. We offer:

  • Innovative and flexible framework
  • Carrier-grade and reliable performance
  • Modular architecture
  • Open standard-based interfaces
  • Swift, field-proven scalability for extreme traffic loads

Cellgate: the USSD Gateway
Cellgate is a robust USSD gateway bridging the GSM/UMTS SS7 network to the IP world. The platform enables advanced USSD, SMS and MAP & CAP features, which makes it a powerful companion to the USSD portal, Cellcube.

Cellcube: the USSD Portal
Cellcube is the core of our USSD Browsing solution. Structured around a navigation engine, Cellcube supports several standard and specific interfaces in addition to handset and user adaptation features and a real time rating engine. Thanks to its advanced service logic and friendly interface, Cellcube provides mobile operators with an unparalleled environment for launching a full portfolio of successful interactive services.

Advantage for mobile operators

  • Mass-market reach: Provides your entire customer base with interactive services, since handset upgrades are not required
  • Cash savings: Save network resources and drastically cut down the customer care and communication costs
  • Boost VAS traffic (SMS, MMS and WAP)
  • Tap into new revenues with new services
  • Leverage existing 2G network investments: Compatible with your 2G, 2,5G, 3G or HSDPA network
  • Educate customers on interactivity
  • Adapt your pricing to attract more users
  • Turnkey solution: Market-proven solutions ready for immediate use

Mobile internet is fast becoming ubiquitous. Majority of mobile handsets are now supporting data services (GPRS, CDMA1x) and have richer clients for subscribers to access internet and avail services on the move. WAP protocol is used for accessing such content by mobile users. To cater for this increased demand Operators are required to install high capacity WAP Gateways systems in their network.

FOREST WAP Gateway seamlessly integrates with GSM,GPRS and CDMA network elements and helps in provide mobile data services such as internet browsing and content download for mobile WAP clients. WAP Gateway is also required to carry Multimedia Messages originated by Mobile devices and submit them to the MMSC. The WAP Gateway is incompliance with 3GPP, 3GPP2 and OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) specification.

FOREST WAP Gateway is a carrier grade platform providing 99.999% high availability of the system. WAP Gateway architecture is modular and can be scaled from 1tps to 6000tps.

Why WAP Gateway?
Telecom Network Operator will need WAP Gateway to:

  • Provide mobile internet data service for WAP Subscribers
  • Control the WAP Sessions and WAP Transactions
  • Control access to specific Web / WAP sites base on Access Point Name / Dialer Number / URLs
  • Route multimedia message to MMSC

Forest WAP Gateway
The WAP Gateway provides the mobile data service such as internet browsing and content download for mobile WAP client.

Commercial Grade Platform
FOREST WAP Gateway is a fully redundant, fault tolerant and scalable carrier grade platform
FOREST WAP Gateway is commercially deployed and operational in Tier – 1 Mobile operators
FOREST WAP Gateway Network Integration
FOREST WAP Gateway is designed to be deployed in GSM/CDMA Telecom Networks and integrates with the Network Elements on IP interface

WAP Gateway

LBS gatewaysAs more services are offered to subscribers, the increasing need to segment audiences pulls advertising campaigns to be more accurate and sophisticated. Our Location Based Services has the tools that can make the difference. Location-Database is a multi-service platform capable of offering multiple queries about how users are moving on the Network without loading the existing network infrastructure.

Location Information
The location of each subscriber is stored on the private database, allowing not only to locate subscriber, but to enable location-change triggers. Also listings of subscribers per cell, or cell groups, are not a barrier for High End applications like CellBroadcaster 2.0.

Location Change Based Services
Location-Database creates a new concept by making services triggered by the change of the subscriber’s location. This makes a subscriber capable of receiving specific marketing information while travelling through cities or neighborhoods.

How it works
Location-Database is based on the SigMon Platform. Sigtran probes are located in the BSS network, sniffing BSSAP and RANAP protocols. Each transaction is traced into the server memory, and location information is periodically downloaded to the internal database. Most queries are handled in memory allowing a lighting fast reply. Queries including current location, tracking information, subscribers on a cell or cell list are easily resolved.


  • Avoid HLR load with ATI and SRI queries for SMS-MT
  • More advanced queries available for next generation LBSs
  • Location Change Triggers for Location Change Based Services


  • Features
  • 1000+ queries x second
  • Multi-Protocol
  • Open Database connectivity
  • 2G and 3G compatible
  • Scalable, Redundant
  • Linux and Solaris (x86 and sparc) support